Our Firm



Financial Investment Network is a full-service, independent financial services firm founded by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Nancy Mobberley in 1999. Since then, people of all ages from young people just starting to save to seniors making late-in-life choices have trusted us to help them plan for the future.  Savings and investment options can be complex and confusing. We help you create a customized financial roadmap that aligns with your specific goals. Then, we help you stay on track. And yes, there will be detours along the way, so we work closely with you to help you take the best courses of action. It is our practice to review your plan annually, and often three to four times a year.

Why “Independent” Matters

Independent means we are objective and unbiased when it comes to making decisions with you about your money. We are not selling products on behalf of a specific brokerage or investment company and there are no quotas to meet. Ultimately, it means we work to do what's best for you with complete transparency.

Why CFP® Certification Counts

CFP® certification is recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning. It means that we have committed to the utmost caliber of professionalism and principles in a changing financial world. 

Experience Counts

It's proven that people are more likely to achieve financial goals when they work with a professional planner. At Financial Investment Network, you will always have an experienced planner dealing with you directly. We respond to clients within 24 hours and are committed to making ourselves available to you when you need us even if it's outside typical business hours.  We serve clients throughout Florida and in other states and have built strong relationships over the years with fellow experts in related fields whom we are proud to recommend if their services are needed.

Women Helping Women

As a woman-owned practice, we are especially sensitive to issues facing women. We have found that many women are not educated about finances and often, especially when faced with divorce or their spouse's death, are completely lost. We continue to educate women and help them gain financial independence.